Private sandy beach
Kids with a sand sculpture of a turtle

The beaches along U.S. 2 from St. Ignace to Naubinway, Michigan are famed for their white sand, clear waters and easy access. Hog Island Country Cottages' private beach is no exception. Situated between two stony points, the sandy beach features shallow waters perfect for kids, a swinging rocker chair and a fire pit.
Father and son have fun at the beach

Visitors strolling along the shore will catch glimpses of kayakers, swimmers, ducks diving for fish, kids building sand castles and families building memories. The western point of the beach gives visitors a view of orange-slice sunsets and pie-in-the-sky moonrises. With no glow from city lights, the clear night skies open up the heavens, sparkling with stars, the creamy ribbon of the Milky Way, dashing meteorites, pulsing Northern Lights and hot, fresh S'mores.

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